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When they look at you, do they see a leader?

Unlock Your Leadership: Secrets & Straight Answers on Standing Out, Moving Up, and Getting Ahead as the Leader You Really Are is an essential career guide for early or mid-career professionals who want to attract and accelerate leadership opportunities at work.

Written by Damaris Patterson Price, a Human Resources veteran and practicing executive coach, Unlock Your Leadership takes a look at why they may not see you as a leader and what to do about it by exploring:

  • What may be getting in the way of your next promotion.
  • The key differences between people who attract choice career opportunities and those who do not.
  • The nuanced walk and talk of professionals who are considered promotable leadership material.
  • Strategic behaviors that can help you demonstrate that you are ready for what's next - right now.

Getting ahead at work often means learning the hard way - and usually on your own. Unlock Your Leadership is a supportive partner that will offer a development plan and honest insights about career climbing that, unfortunately, most professionals will never get. If you don't have a personal career coach, this book is the next best thing. Order your copy today!

Kirkus Reviews

Many career-advice books are packed with principles but lack practical applications, but leadership consultant and debut author Price delivers both in this book. Her guidelines are reminiscent of a road map, offering alternate routes to raising one’s leadership level. Although Price’s conversational writing style makes for easy reading, one shouldn’t plan to devour the book over a weekend. To fully digest and benefit from her advice may take longer—but it will be time well spent by anyone who’s striving for a corner office.

A practical, in-depth guide and the closest thing to having a personal career coach.

Christian Sia

Reader’s Favorite

… a powerful book written for readers who want to take the lead. It is filled with personal stories, insightful passages, and professional tips that are both informative and eye-opening. Damaris Patterson Price engages readers in a conversation that really matters, inviting them to consider serious questions about leadership and helping them clarify what they really want and offering a road map to get there.

K.C. Finn.

Reader’s Favorite

Readers desiring career progression will find no snake oil here among these pages, only practical advice on self-improvement, confidence building and understanding the behaviors and intentions of others on the road to gaining better promotions and leadership roles in the future. The work is very well organized to move through different concepts and covers a variety of different situations to give some flexibility to the instructions and advice, therefore making it adaptable to more areas of the workplace and different sectors.

Gisela Dixon

Reader’s Favorite

I liked how the book is interspersed with many Tips, Case Studies, and of course the many Strategic Reflections, exercises, and worksheets that are presented for the reader to complete. Overall, this is a good, handy book for a career professional to have and for improving leadership skills.

Lesley Jones

Reader’s Favorite

I wish I had had access to this book when I worked in the public sector. The information is invaluable, eye-opening, but makes perfect sense. If you do not have a career coach or mentor, then Unlock Your Leadership by Damaris Patterson Price is definitely for you. To gain maximum benefit from this book, you will need to work through each section carefully, making notes as you go. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who feels their career is stagnant because this guide will certainly get you noticed in a positive way.

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Unlock Your Leadership Workbook


Unlock Your Leadership | Secrets & Straight Answers on Standing Out, Moving Up, and Getting Ahead as the Leader You Really Are is a leadership development playbook that provides honest through-the-keyhole insights and strategies to help you win at work as the leader you really are. The Workbook is a companion-piece to the Unlock Your Leadership paperback and eBook editions to make this essential part of your leadership development journey easy and more convenient.