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Executive CoachingLeadership DevelopmentManagement TrainingStrategic ConsultationProfessional DevelopmentCareer ManagementLeader-Craft & Management Best Practice Executive CoachingMastermind GroupsLive & Online WorkshopsLearning Programs & EventsKeynotes

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WORKING RIVER LEADERSHIP CONSULTING, a northeast Ohio training boutique, designs and delivers B2B and B2C learning products and services for working professionals, managers, and organizational leaders. Our business is anchored in the principle of supporting the rise of people who would serve as highly effective leaders in their organizations: leaders who drive results with and through others; leaders who bring about positive change and lasting value; leaders who can serve as a strategic advantage at work. Our core offerings

Executive Coaching | Leadership Development & Leader-Craft | Management Training & Professional Career Development | Mastermind Groups | Live and Online Workshops | Strategic Consultation us deliver on our Mission to help people walk in their unique brand of leadership in ways that add lasting value to their organizations and themselves.


How We Can Help

Sometimes an otherwise strong leader needs a laser-focused learning experience.

Coaching is a process that unlocks, unblocks, and advances how a leader uses him or herself in an organization to bring value. Through assessment, strategic discussion, stretch assignments, and problem solving, Coaching works to positively transform a leader’s performance, and by extension, the business results they can produce.

Great things happen when leaders learn among other leaders.

Our development programs, workshops, and customizable classes deliver well-reasoned and relevant content in ways that engage and draw from the multiple and diverse experiences and perspectives present in the room. Our proven training products provide real-world content with high energy and interactions that capitalize on the benefits of leaders learning together.

With an emphasis on Best and Next practice, our courses are outcome-oriented by design, so that our clients are not just getting something interesting and academic, but useful strategy they can put into action fast.

Start with a Great Strategy

A broad and diverse range of practice areas are the basis of our consulting work and tailor-made solutions that can suit your unique needs.

Our customizable strategy work always begins with The Why and the Mission, or the group’s reason for being. And it results in a Vision with future-looking pathways focused on what is needed to close the gap. Whether its technology, talent acquisition, or employee development, we can help you draw a straight line from where you are–to where you want to be in a way that aligns with and supports the enterprise business imperatives.

Other high-demand services have involved a myriad of non-training solutions such as goal setting (including OKRs: Objectives & Key Results) and metric setting (including KPIs: Key Performance Indicators), competency assessment, interpreting feedback surveys and feedback reporting based on key person interviews, problem-solving and white-boarding sessions, panel participation, leadership simulation observation, and facilitation of retreats and off-site meetings.

If you want to develop your business you have to develop your leaders.

What truly differentiates your business from others? Higher quality? Sharper innovation? Conscientious customer service? Efficiency? No matter what makes or breaks your business, at the center of it are your leaders, and they are only doing one of two things: powering your growth or accelerating your demise. Working River Leadership Consulting helps organizations build the competence and confidence of their leaders. In the end, your leaders are your company’s only true strategic advantage. In a marketplace where your competitors are trying to work harder, to truly stand up and stand apart, you have to work smarter. You have to lead smarter. Leadership development is business development. An investment in your leaders is an investment in your business.

Are you preparing for what’s next at work right now?

You want to climb. You want to be on an upward trajectory. You want to be promotable or take your leadership to the next level. But how do you make that happen? Absent a trustworthy mentor or a supportive manager, the path towards continuous career growth can be shrouded in mystery. Without a strong partner to help navigate the way, talented people like you often get talked out of or talk themselves out of something that could be within their reach if they only knew how. Working River helps professionals and managers develop their leadership acumen and instincts so they can drive great results with and through their people. Replace the doubt, stress, and insecurity of going it alone with the competence and confidence a partnership with us can provide. An investment in your development is an investment in the most potent leadership instrument there is: you.

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Our Results

From individual improvements to strategic team transformation, Working River solutions consistently result in

  • Employees moving on strategic directives with competence and enthusiasm.
  • Managers re-engineering how they drive increases in performance.
  • Leadership teams aligning around a unified mission and message.
  • Senior Leaders strategically blueprinting their new or reorganized divisions.
  • Employees who are agile in rapidly changing circumstances.
  • Work Teams re-energizing, re-engaging, and reducing change fatigue.
  • Trainers who deliver their organization’s position and tools with confidence.
  • Leaders transitioning confidently into their new next-level positions.
  • Individuals mastering internal roadblocks to their professional success stories.
  • Teams fostering inclusivity and belonging.
  • Individual Contributors unlocking their emergent leadership potential.
  • Professionals manifesting their own unique leadership brands.

Why Choose Working River?

Driving business outcomes is always the point.

Leadership as a driver of business results is at the heart of our work; it’s all about helping clients achieve better business outcomes.

What we deliver is pragmatic and actionable.

Learning that cannot be applied and put into action quickly is a waste. We deliver content that is immediately actionable and moves clients towards results that they and others can see and feel—fast.

Our proven leadership system is the foundation of everything we do.

All Working River offerings are built on our SCI™ Leadership Model, ensuring that our content is Well-Reasoned, Relevant, and anchored in the Real World.

Your Leadership Development Partner

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Meet Damaris Patterson Price, Principal of Working River

A seasoned Talent Development professional, Damaris Patterson Price has provided executive coaching and other development services to leaders in 6 countries: US, Canada, UK, India, Spain, and Germany.  Her work is the product of nearly 30 years in the people-development business focused on the growth of leadership talent for next-level positions. Informed by her own experiences coaching and managing leaders, her solutions have been effectively applied by a broad and diverse spectrum of people within Corporate Retail firms, Chemical companies, Financial Services, Marketing & PR firms, Higher Education and Independent School administration, Insurance providers, Tech companies, Non-Profits, Specialty Food Manufacturers, Foundations, Professional Associations, Large Hospital Systems, and Law Firms.

Damaris Patterson Price is the author of Unlock Your Leadership: Secrets & Straight Answers on Standing Out, Moving Up, and Getting Ahead as the Leader You Really Are, which Kirkus Reviews describes as a “road map”,  “a practical, in-depth guide and the closest thing to having a personal career coach”.

Damaris Patterson Price holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology. Damaris is a certified Organizational Development and Diversity practitioner, as well as a Board-Certified Executive Coach–with additional credentials from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and Forbes Coaches Council. Damaris and her children, a set of twins, live in northeast Ohio.

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“For business leaders who are looking for a transformative leadership experience, Working River Leadership Consulting is the go-to firm. I’ve worked with Damaris for over 10 years and can unequivocally state that working with her has helped shape me as a professional and an individual.”

Carlos F.,

Senior Vice President, Marketing

“Damaris is an amazing presenter! She recently developed and delivered a thoroughly engaging program to our group. She worked with us in advance to understand the group's needs and then prepared content to drive home a targeted message and engage all participants. One group member summarized, ‘She was absolutely awesome!’”

Ann H.,

Interim Executive Director, Non-Profit

“Damaris is amazing. I think it’s the positive energy she gives off. By the time our coaching sessions are over, I feel like I can do anything!”

Jennifer S.,

Senior Analyst, IT

 “After having Damaris as my coach, I approach my division’s OKRs in a completely different way. While I understood their purpose overall, it never seemed to translate into anything my team could use in their day-to-day responsibilities. After my sessions with Damaris, that changed. Obviously, that made leadership happy. What surprised me was the effect it had on my team. To be honest, I never thought they were interested in anything beyond the scope of their individual roles. But they were hungry for this kind of direction. Now I can give it to them. Thanks.”

Rob Z.,

Director, Sales & Business Development

“Why couldn’t I have met Damaris when I was at the beginning of my management career? I would have done so many things differently. Better late than never. Thanks for the insights.”

Sarni K.,

Regional Manager, Sales

"When a colleague from a competing firm heard about the great leadership development my managing associates were getting, I was reluctant to give him her information. Of course, she deserved the referral. Damaris does outstanding work, but I didn't want to give away our edge.”

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Chuck T.,

Partner, Law

"I received more out of Damaris' presentation today, than I have received out of the last 50 I've attended in the last two years. The material was very relatable and practical and I really connected with it.”

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Academic & Student Services Supervisor, Higher Education Administration

"Engaging, dynamic and empowering, Damaris is a speaker you want to see!"

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Stephanie K.,

HR Senior Manager, Insurance